Humanity: Time to Step Out From Under Their Boot Heels

See the image below? Note the fat cats whispering in each others’ ears, all a big secret, with trillions thrown at the media and government and legal system to prohibit transparency, accountability, and justice. They are deaf to our pleas and corrupted by wealth, big media protection, secrecy, crime, and military power. As long as money = […]

Direct Action

While the rest of us sip our lattes and follow the World Cup, all of nature is vanishing under the short-term race for resources, power, and money, sanctioned by the state. It’s good to know that there are handfuls of people out there who are actually DOING something to thwart the business of mass extinction on a […]

The Dire State of Bees and Our Food Security

Do you like chocolate, coffee, vanilla, fruits, and vegetables? Well say good-bye to them if Monsanto, Bayer, Syngenta, and Dow get their way.  All of them market ever-more-toxic bee-decimating pesticides used freely in the US and in several other countries.You can read the crimes against humanity and the planet they’re ramming down our throats HERE. If the […]

US: A Nation of Permanent Renters

The ultra-rich continue to soar above all regulations and boundaries. They do what they wish with impunity as governments turn a blind eye. You won’t find a more blatant display of inequality than in the housing market these days. There is a glaring double-standard in place: one standard for the ultra-rich and quite another for what remains […]