GE Crops Are a Dead End

With Monsanto ramrodding Agent Orange and Dicamba-Resistant cotton through EPA approval,  here are a few things to remember: Monsanto continues to use “tobacco science” to claim the safety of all GE products. This is flimsy science at best. GE crops contaminate forever. Like heroin, they require more and more use to be effective. Overwhelmingly, public perception […]

GMOs Will Destroy the Entire Planet, Says Nassim Taleb

Don’t be so quick to dismiss Taleb’s prediction as just another political “conspiracy theory,” as so many naysayers have done on climate change, despite the heavy weight of scientific evidence to the contrary. Nassim Taleb, a renowned New York University (NYU) professor recently raised eyebrows when he said genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have the potential to cause […]

The Dire State of Bees and Our Food Security

Do you like chocolate, coffee, vanilla, fruits, and vegetables? Well say good-bye to them if Monsanto, Bayer, Syngenta, and Dow get their way.  All of them market ever-more-toxic bee-decimating pesticides used freely in the US and in several other countries.You can read the crimes against humanity and the planet they’re ramming down our throats HERE. If the […]

GMO – Your Right to Know

Less chemistry, more biology Notice the six most hated corporations on the face of the planet on the upper left of the info graphic below, the dwindling number of companies below them that still think GMOs are fine, and the growing number of companies on the right that know GMOs are deadly to all life […]

Farewell to the Bees and Other Pollinators

When I was little, we used to drive through the San Joaquin Valley in California where cotton and alfalfa and almonds grew abundantly. At the end of our trips, there was always a thick layer of insects on the front of the car and windshield. Now you can drive across America and maybe one or […]