Letter from Anonymous

Source Greetings Citizens, we are @AnonymousGlobo “We fight for freedom, equality and justice. And due to that, we remind that free speech isn’t freedom of oppression. The people’s genocide doesn’t happen only through violent police incursions and the frequent murders promoted by the government in poor places. It happens in subjective ways, like in cultural […]

It’s the Numbers, Stupid

[T]he latest data shows is that any nation where 3.5 percent of the population has gotten engaged, no government has been able to stand up to that. 3.5 percent is all we need. – Margaret Flowers If you want a patch of clear sky to look through, watch the Bill Moyers & Company interview with […]

Americans As Third-Worlders

Americans have been floating on fantasy island since the 1950s. We still earn wages equivalent to the 1960s. And since the 1980s we have had our rights stripped from us one by one. As long as we have our coffee, sports, and television we have been content to sit back and like zombies let the other guy pay attention to the rape and devastation. Now, in the 2000s, we are like torture victims begin stretched on a rack in every direction. Must our limbs be ripped out before we rise up? I wonder if we will, even as we lose arms and legs.