David Suzuki: “GMOs Are a Massive Experiment on Humans” (6-minute video)

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The Gutting of America

Climate change? Extinction of all nature? These alone are enough to send you puking and trembling into a corner. And then there are the Wall Street criminals and corporate lobbyists (big pharma, petroleum, insurance, etc.) bringing us to our knees. Well, there’s another cataclysm that’s lurking in the wings. YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS, FOLKS. From Bernie Sanders: After […]

Cushy Lifestyles for Slave Owners

Okay, technically speaking a slave is paid nothing and owns nothing, not even his or her own life, is not free to live a sovereign life. But if you even have a job these days, you’re barely getting by. How can you own anything and how is that free? If you dare to get an […]

Grocery Manufacturers Association Caught Laundering Money to Stop GMO Labeling in WA

The Grocery Manufacturers Association got caught red-handed violating Washington State fair election laws by running a money laundering slush fund designed to conceal the identities of food companies giving money to block I-522. Just one day after this scandal surfaced, the GMA apparently decided to stop violating the law and disclose the list of companies that funneled […]