Secret Service Knows Almost Everything About You via Your Smartphone

Intelligence services collect metadata on the communication of all citizens. Politicians would have us believe that this data doesn’t say all that much. A reader of De Correspondent put this to the test and demonstrated otherwise: metadata reveals a lot more about your life than you think. HOW YOUR INNOCENT SMARTPHONE PASSES ON ALMOST YOUR […]

Born Into This

We Have To Dismantle All This (an Anti-Authoritarians Anonymous flier, 1995) The unprecedented reality of the present is one of enormous sorrow and cynicism, “a great tear in the human heart,” as Richard Rodriguez put it. A time of ever-mounting everyday horrors, of which any newspaper is full, accompanies a spreading environmental apocalypse. Alienation and the […]

Snowden Guardian & Der Spiegel Interviews

The Guardian Der Spiegel [Translation of Der Spiegel Magazine article, July 7, 2013] Snowden: Normally one is marked as a target because of a Facebook profile or because of your emails. The only place which I personally know where you can become a target without this specific labeling, are jihadist forums…. The target person is completely monitored. […]