Fishing Babies Out of the River

You’ve heard it all your life: “No one in America is above the law.” That sentence is TOTALLY misleading. Bill Moyers said it right: “The system isn’t broken; it’s fixed.” I voted Democratic this election (I didn’t see any other choice), but now I know what the anarchists know: No matter what party we support […]

Humility Could Thwart Our Common Fear of Death. Oh Yes.

Not such a new idea, but radical to the rest of us who live boxed into urban life and ego-driven pursuits of money, power, and fame. The hunter-gatherers on this video have something to teach us about awareness, physical & mental fitness, purpose, excitement, humility, camaraderie and ecological balance.  Their lifestyle developed 60,000 years ago–perfected […]

It’s the Numbers, Stupid

[T]he latest data shows is that any nation where 3.5 percent of the population has gotten engaged, no government has been able to stand up to that. 3.5 percent is all we need. – Margaret Flowers If you want a patch of clear sky to look through, watch the Bill Moyers & Company interview with […]

The Entire Monetary System is a Confidence Trick

If you are a wage slave, and especially if you have a family, you have been conditioned to think that you must bow down to money and those who have massive amounts of it because they control you and your life. You say you have to pay your bills and feed your family. You have to pay for car repairs to get you to work, to pay your taxes that fund the wars, to shop at big box stores because of “discount” prices, to watch television and eat crap food because that’s all you can afford to do and feel like doing after an eight-hour gruel at work. But you know that SOMETHING IS REALLY WRONG HERE.