What It’s About

Ask any churinga’d cognoscente of the Kalahari countryside what noble faculty makes him such an adept tracker, and he will tell you hunger.

The pen was once mightier than the sword. Now it faces an onslaught of brutal weaponry and a shredded constitution as well as totalitarian rule. The media is aligned with these forces. All that is good is being destroyed. There is outrage everywhere about what these forces are doing to our planet. The problem is that we live in a bubble of manufactured apathy. They want us anesthetized by entertainment, food, and drugs. They want to keep us in our place with scant resources and by isolating us from each other so we could practice our First Amendment rights. They want to tighten the noose so that we are helpless and to survive: We can die or be their slaves. I say there’s got to be another way. We just have to find it together.

Here, in my own tiny voice. I will express my own outrage and indignation on any and all subjects that have to do with the destruction of consciousness and the planet. I will upload relevant links and images and .pdf files and anything I can find to support what I feel in my gut. I am fighting something which is so huge it obliterates everything else. And with seven billion people on the planet and millions of them expressing themselves in books, films, music, art, blogs, and audio files, it seems like an impossible chaos. I’m in love with satire and gallows humor. It’s my sincerest aspiration to practice my art until I reach that level of skill.

Everywhere we turn the bastards are there waiting to slam us. They have the wealth, the power, and the running start that we don’t have. Therefore, we must find a different way to fight. Occupy Wallstreet expressed the rage that is truly there. You can’t kill an idea. It lives in our hearts now and forever.


Source: discolor3d


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