Monsanto Gagging Us with Industry-fed Distortions

Civil rights have scored victory after victory over a long period of time after much sacrifice and many setbacks. It’s been a tough road as well for gay marriage and the legalization of marijuana, but both are moving forward steadily state by state as the old guard falls away. The battle for pro-GMO labeling seems overwhelming right now, but if civil rights, gay marriage, and the legalization of marijuana are any indication, we will see the defeat of anti-labeling interests (and a steady loss in GMO profits) as the public learns how its been deceived.

As they did in Washington State  and California, anti-GMO labeling interests — biotech companies along with the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) — poured huge sums of money to defeat Measure 92 in Oregon (and the GMA is suing Vermont for its successful pro-labeling initiative in that state). But despite outspending the pro-labeling side 2-1, the results in Oregon this week (50.4 percent against, 49.6 percent in favor) show that the balance is slowly, steadily, but decidedly tipping against these corporations, largely through social media.

More and more people are learning about the pesticide treadmill that contaminates our food and  water while lining the pockets of the chemical companies. Facts are indisputable, for example, that the herbicide Roundup, made by Monsanto, is now in 75% of air and rainwater samples. It’s in mother’s milk and in our own bodies. Good to know everyone’s bodies are now weed resistant.

The question is, why, if GMO products are so safe or “no more unhealthy than organic foods,” do Monsanto and other GMO companies pay such exorbitant sums of money to squelch the labeling and transparency about independent research? Read here about two scientific journals that rejected an ad from Dr. Bronner’s soap company. And here’s a great article by Dr. Ramon J. Seidler where you learn the facts and check your biases against  industry-fed distortions.


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