Fishing Babies Out of the River

You’ve heard it all your life: “No one in America is above the law.”

That sentence is TOTALLY misleading.

Bill Moyers said it right: “The system isn’t broken; it’s fixed.”

I voted Democratic this election (I didn’t see any other choice), but now I know what the anarchists know: No matter what party we support or what ballot initiatives we sign or ballot measures we vote for or against, if we’re ever going to get back our rights as a system OF the people BY the people and FOR  the people, we need to understand that the system has never been, is not, nor ever will be in our favor.

After this mind-numbing electoral race totally fucked up our heads, isn’t it clear that despite what the media crams down our throats, the reality is that most people DO NOT WANT what the two corporate parties are all about. Pretending this is an electoral process under a “democratic” constitution is a total distraction and a lie. As they say, if voting made anything happen, it would be made illegal.

If you want to really understand why 200 years of voting has given us THIS absolute sham of a system, listen to this audio file explanation of where we are and what we have to do at the community level if we don’t want to destroy ourselves and every living thing on the planet (copy the link and paste it into whatever mp3 player you have). A good metaphor for what you’ll hear is “We have to stop fishing babies out of the river and get upstream to stop whatever it is that’s throwing them into the water.”

Make no mistake. With the laws nailed in place that demand “always make more” and all the crippling dementia that goes with them, the corporate socialism that’s running the show is purring contentedly. The “law” (see the Commerce Clause in the Constitution) is set in concrete on the side of the corporations, as they’re defined now as people.

Our only recourse is to dismantle the system at the community level. To refuse to acknowledge the machine, to refuse either party and its hegemonic machinations, to recognize that the “law” was made in favor of the elite status quo and always has been. I urge you to add the audio link to your mp3 player and listen to what Thomas Linzey is saying.

Critical website:  The Community Environmental Defense Fund


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