GE Crops Are a Dead End

With Monsanto ramrodding Agent Orange and Dicamba-Resistant cotton through EPA approval,  here are a few things to remember:

  • Monsanto continues to use “tobacco science” to claim the safety of all GE products. This is flimsy science at best.
  • GE crops contaminate forever. Like heroin, they require more and more use to be effective.
  • Overwhelmingly, public perception is that GE crops contribute to, if not cause, serious chronic illnesses including cancer. Until proven otherwise, we must assume they are a danger to public health.
  • Public perception is also strong that government oversight is dangerously lax. Independent research and reporting is constantly censored by those who stand to gain politically and financially.
  • There is no scientific proof that GE crops increase yields or feed a hungry world better than conventional methods. GE crops and products have absolutely zero consumer benefit.
  • Any interested person will see that the vast majority of consumers around the world reject GE products.

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