Humanity: Time to Step Out From Under Their Boot Heels

See the image below? Note the fat cats whispering in each others’ ears, all a big secret, with trillions thrown at the media and government and legal system to prohibit transparency, accountability, and justice. They are deaf to our pleas and corrupted by wealth, big media protection, secrecy, crime, and military power. As long as money = free speech and corporations = people; as long as we keep working for them, as long as we see them as our superiors and waffle and cower and give up, the fat cats will continue to devour and destroy to ensure their own adipose greed and selfishness to control. Everything will continue as it’s been going.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 10.04.22 AM

UNLESS we change the equation and stop our fear and obedience. They may silence us with stripping our rights to vote and strip us of all our human rights, but WE haven’t even begun to test our power, once WE begin to turn away from their fake system. WE are the people, and WE outnumber them by hundreds of millions, and globally by billions. WE don’t need to wait decades for endless studies or for the government to act. Forget the useless street protests. Forget fighting among ourselves.

One of their greatest weapons has been Divide and Conquer (the Bush administrations made this, along with monstrous lies, a top priority; the most clever of all their pitches was: United We Stand, even as they made sure the Left and the Right became mortal enemies). WE can see through their lies. WE can stand up for what’s real — stand up for ourselves and our communities and our earth. It’s already begun. They will have no power over us as long as WE continue to turn away from them and devalue their money and strip ourselves of their influence on every level.

Instead of scales, think of a house of cards. WE make up the vast bottom of that house while they sit at the top. All we need to do is step out from under them, and guess what happens to them?



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