Direct Action

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While the rest of us sip our lattes and follow the World Cup, all of nature is vanishing under the short-term race for resources, power, and money, sanctioned by the state. It’s good to know that there are handfuls of people out there who are actually DOING something to thwart the business of mass extinction on a global scale.

Check out 325 magazine, Issue #11

Against the Post-Industrial Consumer Society and the Technological Singularity (pdf file) Not brilliant writing talent here, but a serious argument for direct action.


Insurrection is a process and an act. Sedition, subversion and provocation are our aims. We know it’s possible to add to the destabilisation of the State, because right now we are doing precisely that. The methods of insurgency are open source, and available for experimentation. The State will always be vulnerable in the realm of ideas, even when it is protected by an armed guard of strong symbols, and industrial murder, because it is simply a bad idea, and one that takes too much and gives nothing back. Control systems are always parasites. A separation has emerged in anarchist discourse between the ‘social’ and the ‘political’. What this distinction really means is rarely made clear, and in a sense, such a distinction does not exist, it changes as the situation changes. For us, the term ‘political’ refers to a process whereby decisions and acts (aim to) direct social relationships and organisation, and the term ‘social’ denotes the body of people,their organisation, their customs and arbitration of differing opinions from which emerges a process that is political. An ‘anti-political’ discourse is probably closer to our aims; against not only society but civilisation itself as it is.


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