Cushy Lifestyles for Slave Owners

Okay, technically speaking a slave is paid nothing and owns nothing, not even his or her own life, is not free to live a sovereign life. But if you even have a job these days, you’re barely getting by. How can you own anything and how is that free?

If you dare to get an education (rapidly turning into a joke) to pay off your big-ass college loan, you must borrow huge sums and will take you the rest of your life to pay off on minimum wage jobs. No home ownership for you like forever, looks like.

We need a new word to describe the current form of slavery where part-time workers get minimum wage and believe the lie fed to them that raising minimum wage will destroy jobs. What’s going on is grand larceny and fraud perpetrated by the same people who blame the poor for being lazy, the same people who do nothing but work wage slaves and rake in profit and scream about allowing so-called “entitlements” and social programs to continue, as they’re “bankrupting” the country.

What’s happening is Americans are being fed a pack of lies. That’s not a sustainable diet.

You do the math.

What a Starbucks wage slave earns: $9 per hour.
What the Starbucks CEO earns: $9,000 per hour.




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