Lawsuit Against Monsanto – With Our Help

Food Democracy Now! believes that family farmers have a right to farm without threat and intimidation. Like me, they don’t think farmers should be sued because Monsanto’s patented genes from a neighbor’s field blow across their fence and contaminate their organic or conventional, non-GMO seeds. Like millions of others outraged by this Orwellian practice we think it needs to stop.

That’s why Food Democracy Now! is suing Monsanto in court to protect family farmers from unwanted genetic contamination of their crops and from Monsanto’s abusive lawsuits. Please give what you can and spread the word.

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 12.09.07 PM

Take a stand with family farmers vs. Monsanto

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7 thoughts on “Lawsuit Against Monsanto – With Our Help

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  2. Monsanto has never sued anyone for accidentally growing their patented technology. This threat is fictional and that is what the US supreme court said

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