Here We Paint Bikes White as Memorials

All around this city you will see ghost bicycles, bicycles that were painted white and wreathed with flowers. They lean against trees or poles on street corners. Each is a tribute to a bicycle rider who lost their life to the impact of a motor vehicle.

Personally, I believe that traffic is a weapon of mass destruction, both of the environment and of life. Entire ecosystems are being destroyed to fuel its incessant roar across endless miles of asphalt. Wars are fought to keep it moving and its constant drone a testament to the rat race that feeds capitalism.

Those who drive motor vehicles believe they are free. But they are nothing if not insulated, isolated drones strapped into “personal” weapons where they commute to slave for wages and purchase goods made by other drones. In this capacity, we are no longer employees and customers. We are “associates” or “representatives” and consumers.

It’s time to shed these invisible shackles and build walkable, drivable communities that thrive on local sustainability, mutual aid, and solidarity.



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