Another Thing We are Greatly Misinformed About.

“Hey everyone. I was making my usual rounds here in The City and there were a LOT of very cold people on the street… a few violently shaking. If you have an extra blanket or can get to a thrift store then please get one to someone who can use it. Shit is sad but you can make it better.”  George aka streetsick


2 thoughts on “Another Thing We are Greatly Misinformed About.

  1. My goodness even from my humble abode in the UK that was really mind blowing. How on earth did we get to this state in the West? “We” need to start taking back control of the wealth. Thank you for sharing that.

    • How did we get in this state in the West? That’s easy. Legislation is written and carried out by people who are paid vast amounts of money by unbelievably wealthy interests. It’s been going on for centuries, this slow theft of property and assets via credit theft (punishing levels of interest) as well as wage stagnation since the 1970s and the crush of labor and unions. Not only that, but humans and “natural resources” have been so commodified and expendable, that nothing has value except money now. This has been happening all while schools no longer teach people to think and pharmaceutical companies pump chemicals into our bodies and screens (i.e., people were once smart and phones dumb, now it’s the other way around) are rapidly shutting down our sensitivity and awareness. No wonder those who wish to control everything are reeling everything left into their nets. If you want some invaluable insights into these things that corporate media are paid to keep silent about, pay a visit to Unwelcome Guests. There is a vast number of audio files, and many will blow your mind.

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