Monsanto’s Greatest Fear: An Informed Public

Secrets are always the key indicator that there’s something to hide. Monsanto’s secret is that we are all part of their massive scientific experiment. Monsanto splices the genes of foods we eat with genes of bacteria to develop pesticide-resistant (read: Round-up ready) crops to haul in obscene amount of profit. They are similar to the CIA, supplying weapons to both sides to accomplish their own agenda. There haven’t been enough studies on the long-term effects of GMOs on the human body and on the environment. Their secret is not to let us know that 64 countries around the world have banned GMOs. Why are Americans so complacent?

We have a right to know what’s in our food and whether or not it has been genetically modified. Enough secrecy. Washington State is the deal breaker for this issue. (I live in Oregon where small farmers are going to be adversely affected if our state bows to Monsanto and removes our local voice how we run our agriculture. Monsanto and others like them are working behind the scenes to pay big money to corrupt politicians to pass SB633 in their favor. ) Watch this short video and pass it on.


One thought on “Monsanto’s Greatest Fear: An Informed Public

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