The Entire Monetary System is a Confidence Trick

When Frank Baum wrote The Wizard of Oz, which refers to “the wizard behind the curtain,” he was exactly referring to the robber barons and the top elite invisibles that meant to gain control of everything, including each and every “little” person like you and me.

The Wizard of Oz as pictured in The Wonderful ...

If you are struggling to pay your rent, your mortgage, your bills, your medical costs, you or your children’s student loan repayments and all your other debts with all the exorbitant interest involved; if you have lost your home, your savings, your car and all your possessions; if you have sought some kind of escape from reality either through drugs (pharmaceutical or otherwise), alcohol, or other route of desperation, then you know you, from the time you sat in your first grade classroom or your parents’ chosen place of worship, have swallowed the blue pill of blissful ignorance, distraction, and illusion handed to you by the wizard(s) behind the curtain.

If you are a wage slave, and especially if you have a family, you have been conditioned to think that you must bow down to money and those who have massive amounts of it because they control you and your life. You say you have to pay your bills and feed your family. You have to pay for car repairs to get you to work, to pay your taxes that fund the wars, to shop at big box stores because of “discount” prices, to watch television and eat crap food because that’s all you can afford to do and feel like doing after an eight-hour gruel at work. But you know that SOMETHING IS REALLY WRONG HERE.

“‘Wizards’ of Money, as in Oz, is a most appropriate name for those who are responsible for the mysterious money making process today. In this process, as we shall see, money is essentially created “out of thin air”. It is only the Wizards who get to practice this art, and they do so in the absence public scrutiny which might ruin the magic. ” – “Smithy,” Part 1, “How Money is Created.”

Now more than ever, with so much to lose as the Trans Pacific Partnership locks into place, we must educate ourselves, our friends, our loved ones, and our communities. You can learn about the whole unsavory story of money and decide for yourself where you stand in relationship to it if you click on the image below, where you can access the MP3 audio or transcript files of the Wizards of Money, an educational series. There are also files there available in German and Spanish as well as other  places to access the information.

Or just type “wizards of money” into a search engine. Money is THE issue at the heart of everything destructive on our planet, but the corporate media has nothing whatsoever to say to you about it.  For even further insight into the psychopathology of money, go to Unwelcome Guests and type “money” into the search bar on the top of the left sidebar. There you can access a wealth (no pun intended) of information about money (and other issues) that has been kept hidden for decades and centuries, and it will astound you.  It is the confidence trick that’s been building institutions that support it, running and destroying the world for at least the last 2,000 years, and it’s past due to be toppled. Until we do topple it, there will be no justice and no freedom. Barak Obama’s idea of “change” had nothing whatsoever to do with what really needs to be changed.

Ask yourself this: What if I stopped slaving for money? What if I stopped giving value to it altogether and saw it as the scam that it is? What if those of us, the 99:1 in the world, stopped sucking on the toxic teat of the financial and political cabals for our existence? What if we simply stopped giving money any value at all? It is, after all, nothing, since it is made from nothing. What if we all seriously began looking to our local communities to invest in with our time and skills and visions, our mutual assistance and solidarity? I propose that that is how to save ourselves and our planet.


Wizards of Money


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