Trans-Pacific Partnership – Secret Deal of the Multinational 1%

If you’ve never heard of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), it’s not surprising. Its been negotiated behind closed doors in secrecy since 2007. We are only beginning to get leaked information about it now that the deal will most likely be finalized next month in Jakarta.  NAFTA has caused untold misery for millions and millions of people around the planet. TPP will dwarf NFTA exponentially. Basically TPP strips nations of their sovereignty and citizens of their rights. TPP will have no judicial or governmental oversight or regulation. It evaporates borders. It rides over the heads of all politicians and all political will. It is a monster. This is NOT a “conspiracy.” I am NOT being hyperbolic. This will affect everyone who is not part of the global 1%.

Those who will benefit (not you or me or anyone on the planet save the multinational bankers and the 1% they represent) from these “agreements” take anything they desire – land, water, forests, minerals–anything, to do with what they please without answering to anyone. If they want to privatize a water system and drain all the water to ship to China, they will. If they want to destroy entire regions by extracting oil and minerals, they will. If they want to make profit polluting the air, water, and land, they will. Remember what BP did when they blackened the Gulf of Mexico with their oil spill? They used chemicals to sink the oil to the bottom of the gulf: out of sight, out of mind. That is how they “helped” the “little people.” And the eco system in and around the gulf will never recover in our lifetimes. It means they can eradicate small farmers and organic food and force GMOs to be grown anywhere they choose. They can (and will) continue the downward spiral to make slaves of us all.

And this information is just from what has been leaked. The repercussions are too big to get my head around. There is so much more we do not know. And without public knowledge and the power of any government to intervene, it’s a done deal. Some analysts say that the TPP is the beginning of the end of capitalism.

Educate yourself about TPP here  (seriously – do your own research). It’s critical that we all TAKE ACTION.  RISE UP.  GO LOCAL. The Battle of Seattle: Take it viral! We must take things back into our own hands.  Get the word out on social media (the word is out and people are waking up–see related articles below). And going local is the best way to strike back: Towards Food Sovereignty. Read it and broadcast it like seeds into your communities.


2 thoughts on “Trans-Pacific Partnership – Secret Deal of the Multinational 1%

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