WTF? All Those Trains Derailing, Planes Crashing

People die in car and train wrecks and plane crashes all the time, but haven’t there been an unusual number of major wrecks and crashes all within this past week? There was the train derailment and explosion outside Quebec, the Asiana airliner crash in San Francisco, another train wreck outside Paris, a plane caught fire at Heathrow Airport in London, and the latest I’ve seen has been a truck-bus crash outside Moscow, and probably many more I’ve neglected to note around the planet.

What is it, solar flares, sunspots, too many drugs and/or financial worries, sleep deprivation, talking on cell phones, careless maintenance, what?

I myself came home last night and about three hours later realized I’d lost my cell phone, and I don’t have a clue where it is. I remember taking it out of my hoodie pocket and looking at the time: 8:35. That’s the last time I laid eyes on it. I tried ringing it at home, but it’s on vibration, so forget that. It’s bad enough losing my cell phone, but what really bothers me is that my mind has gone completely blank about where I put it. It’s like a segment of my memory has been excised, neatly removed, a mini-amnesia. I think I would have heard it fall out of my pocket, but maybe not. Point being the stress overload on the human mind seems to be frying it.


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