Stamp Your Paper Currency “Not for Bribing Politicians”

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 3.15.36 PM

Supreme Court cases such as Citizens United have rendered the US the only major democracy in the world that allows unfettered spending on elections by individuals and corporations. If we’re going to save our democracy, we need a constitutional amendment that declares once and for all: 1) Money is not free speech. 2) Corporations are not people.

Ben of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream has started a movement that is rapidly gaining momentum. Already 15 states and 500 municipalities have passed resolutions in favor. President Obama has said he’d support it as well.

It’s called  the Stamp Stampede, which can help anyone, anywhere build a movement by stamping money. The Stamp Stampede encourages people to rubber stamp cash with messages that say “Not to be Used for Bribing Politicians” and “Stamping Money Out of Politics”. Each bill you stamp reaches an average of 875 people based on the Federal Reserve’s estimates of currency lifespans!

It’s 100% legal (he says he’s checked into it ), and it’s precisely the kind of democratic action we need if we’re going take back our country from corporate interests. Spread the word.

My two concerns are 1) that most people use plastic nowadays, and 2) this movement is ironically using money for free speech.


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