Stop Supporting Evil (Monsanto ☠☠☠)

The Organic Consumer’s Association website is a good place to begin.

Everyone should learn why GMOs and everything that concerns them are DEADLY to all life.

Did you know that Monsanto is responsible for developing some of the most life-destroying products on Earth?

  • Agent Orange
  • Aspartame
  • Saccharin
  • PCBs
  • Polystyrene (styrofoam)
  • The atom bomb and nuclear weapons
  • DDT
  • Dioxin
  • Petroleum-based fertilizer
  • Roundup
  • Bovine growth hormone
  • GMOs

Did you know that between 75% to 80% of the processed food you consume every day has GMOs inside, and residues of Monsanto’s RoundUp herbicide outside? But more and more non-processed foods are also showing up GMO in the markets (even at Whole Foods, which sold out to Monsanto in 2011). Here is the current list of foods to consider:


Although there are currently no approved “genetically engineered cows,” the modern dairy industry is a heavy user of the GE growth hormone rbGH (or rbST). This helps boost milk production on dairy farms, but may lead to some health concerns. First, this growth hormone sometimes stresses the cows body, leading to certain diseases that must be treated with antibiotics, which end up in the consumer. This can lead to antibiotic resistance and even antibiotic allergic reactions. What’s more, though, is that it is known that rbGH stimulates IGF-1 production, a cancer accelerator in the body.

Even if you find a company that says “No rbGH or rbST,” you still have reason to believe the food is not GMO-free. This is because cattle are often fed genetically modified feed. Buying organic is the best way around this problem!


The next group to watch out for is cooking oil. As explained by the Non-GMO Shopping Guide, “Unless labeled explicitly, corn, soybean, cottonseed, and canola oils produced in North America almost certainly contain genetically modified products.” Blended oils are also a problem due to the common practice of mixing GMO canola and cottonseed. Here, finding an organic or 100 percent pure oil that isn’t derived from the above plants is the best way to avoid GMO oils – organic olive oil is a personal favorite.

Animal Products

Just like milk, animal products (meat, fish, chicken, pork, etc) can be thought of as genetically engineered. Not only are growth hormones an issue, but so is the feed that animals consume – and even that’s not all. Although we mentioned there are no “genetically engineered cows” per se, there are actually genetically engineered farm-raised salmon currently being tested. These may even reach dinner plates in a few years (or less).

Going for 100 percent grass fed beef or 100 percent organic chicken, pork, or lamb is the best way around this. It’s important to remember, though, that GMO alfalfa has recently been approved, so 100 grass fed ruminants may not be safe as before.

Sugar and Sweeteners

Sugar beet is one of the largest genetically engineers crops in the nation, and with corn  being another huge GMO crop, food sweetened with high fructose corn syrup should also be avoided. Unless it’s labeled organic, your best bet is to go with organic alternatives like honey. Also, keep in mind that cane sugar is also not GMO! Aspartame artificial sweetener is ubiquitous and is a GMO product developed by Monsanto and is known to cause many health problems.

The Cereals and Breakfast Foods

Many cereals and breakfast foods today contain trace ingredients that are GMO – namely soy and corn additives or sugars like those mentioned above. Unfortunately, to eat around this, you’ll probably have to drop your favorite cereal with mini-marsh mellows and shooting stars. If you must eat grains and you aren’t gluten-intolerant (GMOs have caused an epidemic of gut problems of which gluten intolerance is just one), switch to an organic granola cereal.

Fruits and Vegetables

You may be vegetarian or vegan, but your health is also being hugely affected unless you eat ALL organic. Although there are not many genetically engineered fruits or vegetables in the US (yet), packaged, frozen, or canned fruits or vegetables often have GMO additives. Some fruits and veggies are actually coated (!) with GMO made wax or oil before hitting the shelves. Stay away from GE veggies, which so far are zucchini, yellow squash, sweet corn, and papaya from Hawaii.

Luckily, fruit has an easy code system to figure out if its GMO or organic. If the fruit has only 4 digits on its PLU code, it is conventionally grown and may be GE. If it has 5 numbers starting with an 8, then it is GMO, and if it starts with a 9, it is organic. Unfortunately, the ’8′ for GMO is only voluntary, and many (if not all) skip passing this information on to consumers. If it is available, look for the USDA organic label.

What’s really frightening is the list of irreparable diseases caused by Roundup, an nightmarish insecticide for which GMOs were developed to resist

Stop genetically modified organism(s) - GMO. R...

(Roundup kills EVERYTHING except the GMO plant it’s sprayed on), and the transgenic (if you do a search on “transgenic” you get a lot of glowing support for GMOs–this is all totalitarian propaganda) nature of GMOs are making them infect even formerly organic fields.

The worst part of this planetary crime perpetuated by Monsanto and other GMO corporations is that because they are very powerful lobbyists who strong-arm and give tons of money to politicians and others, them mean to keep their chokehold on our food supply and decimate the people’s voices (people everywhere from Canada to India). Their goal is to patent all of life in their name, to own all of life, even though they know nothing about it. Hitler himself couldn’t  imagine the eugenic power of MONS(TER)ANTO.

Below are some important links to educate yourself.

Top 10 Facts YOU Should Know About Monsanto

  1. No GMO Labeling Laws in the USA!
  2. Lack of Adequate FDA / USDA Safety Testing
  3. Monsanto Puts Small Farmers out of Business
    Farmer Suicides After GMO Crop Failures
  4. Monsanto Products Pollute the Developing World
    500,000 Agent Orange Babies
  5. Monsanto Blocking Government Regulations
  6. Monsanto Guilty of False Advertising & Scientific FRAUD
  7. Consumers Reject Bovine Growth Hormone rBGH in Milk
  8. GMO Crops Do NOT Increase Yields
  9. Monsanto Controls U.S. Soy Market
  10. Monsanto’s GMO Foods Cause NEW Food Allergies


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