They Are Not Invincible

orc-army-1If you’re a fan of Lord of the Rings, you might be familiar with the theory that the “one ring to rule them all” is actually a metaphor for technology. And who hasn’t equated the army of orcs with those forces (state and corporate) that serve the 1%?

It’s becoming increasingly clear to me that the bullies in power (i.e., the 1% with its fascist drones) are slamming people to break us down and destroy us– our efforts to provide for ourselves and our families, our access to good education, clean air, soil, water, and food, our health both physical and mental, our privacy, our trust in other people and the integrity of our communities, our right to vote (believing we will make a difference), and the effort to pay off our debts inflated exponentially by usury. They have already proved their destructive power in countries that have no WMDs with which to defend themselves.

There are countless examples of this effort to degrade us (and the entire human race), such as the famous case of Monsanto vs. Percy Schmeiser, where not only did Monsanto sue the (then) 70-year-old Canadian farmer for stealing their patented crop, but came onto his property to intimidate him and his wife. Monsanto also coerced farmers to spy on each other and to rat on neighboring farmers with the promise of a leather jacket if they reported back. The result was a decimation of a century built of community trust and friendship that will, along with our soil and groundwater, take another century to repair, and Roundup ready crops replacing good, healthy crops FOREVER.

To say nothing of eating GMO plants and animals fed with them — all contaminated with glyphosate (from Roundup) — has extremely dangerous and irreversible (dysgenic) effects on the human body (obesity, depression, autism, Alzheimers, MS, diabetes, heart failure, cancer, and many other conditions that pharmaceutical companies are making bank treating — and by pharmaceutical companies I mean, for example, subsidiaries of Monsanto) to say nothing of the effects on bees and other pollinators, insects, animals, plants, and our precious water supply.

Another example of the erosion of life by those in power is, of course, the loss of our privacy. We have no idea to what extent, armed with superScreen Shot 2013-06-18 at 12.14.27 PM technology, they will go to spy on us (see Tiny Robot Mosquito Drones Being Researched by the US Government). And we all know about Homeland Security’s Fusion Centers used to destroy our right to free speech during Occupy Wallstreet. That means that our efforts to fight for our lives and our planet become ever more problematic.

The hidden effects of these tactics to hammer us into obedience and submission to their will are inestimable, things that many people simply don’t recognize about the psychological impact of a surveillance state.

But what keeps me going are the many victories by and for the people despite overwhelming odds, and it is these victories that should keep us all psychologically primed to never give up and never give in. Will technology be used to help or to harm? We see that our resistance disturbs them, frightens them, and makes them more dangerous. But like the Fellowship of the Ring, together we will prevail!


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