Americans As Third-Worlders

10-medieval-torture-devices8Americans have been floating on fantasy island since the 1950s. The 99% still earn wages equivalent to the 1960s. And since the 1980s we have had our Constitutional rights stripped from us, one by one. As long as we have our coffee, sports, and television we are still content to sit back like zombies and let the “other guy” pay attention to the rape and devastation, to let the “other guy” do the heavy lifting. Now, in the 2000s, we have literally become torture victims (health care, student debt, foreclosures, GMO secrecy, fracking, bank bailouts and fraud, media consolidation, election fraud, etc. etc. etc.) being stretched on a rack in every direction. Must our limbs be ripped out before we rise up? I wonder if we will, even as we lose arms and legs. History is full of desperate people who finally said NO MORE! I gave up listening to that imperative around 2003, when ALEC was just a gleam in the Koch Brothers’ eyes, when millions of people marched against the invasion of Iraq (I traveled two hours twice to participate in protest marches) to no avail. That’s when I knew that the only free speech is money.

Inverted totalitarianism is a term coined by political philosopher Sheldon Wolin to describe what he believes to be the emerging form of government of the United States. Wolin believes that the United States is increasingly turning into an illiberal democracy, and he uses the term “inverted totalitarianism” to illustrate the similarities and differences between the United States governmental system and totalitarian regimes such as Nazi Germany and the Stalinist Soviet Union.

I voted for Obama in 2012 because I believed him to be the only “choice” given the blatant financial debauchery of his opponent. But like so many other voters who were duped into thinking Obama would stand for Americans I am utterly disillusioned and have begun to feel as creeped-out when I see Obama’s face as I did when I saw George W. Bush’s face. The crows have come home to roost. Judging from the reactions I see everywhere online and in the analog world, most people are beginning to “get” it, that if voting made a difference it would be illegal. I’m convinced that 90% of those in power are sociopaths who silenced, crushed, or in some way ruined others to get where they are, and I’m including Obama in this. The only difference between the “right” and the “left” is that the left wears a velvet glove. And as I write this I recognize that it plays into the hands of the most ignorant, rapacious, and (yes) fascist (i.e. corporate-controlled) Congress under which this nation has ever suffered. It also plays into the hands of the media meat puppets that peddle fear 24/7. EDUCATE YOURSELF. Dig beneath the surface. Follow the money. Find a speck of courage in yourself and apply it locally. Join the wave of the disenfranchised.

Come on people. Open your eyes. Think for yourselves. We are on our own, but we don’t  have to be alone in the struggle. While it’s true that Occupy was doomed from its inception (The Homeland Security Apparatus: Fusion Centers, Data Mining, and Private Sector Partners), out of necessity we are becoming one mind and one heart. We are making choices and standing up. And with our allies we can resist the onslaught.  I know this is true from what recently happened in my city. Don’t trust any leader until s/he has put her/his money where her/his mouth is and walked the walk. Trust no media unless you can determine who funds it. And most of all, do not trust money. It’s a drug that these sociopaths use to control us. They dangle the carrot and we leap to our deaths and/or kill each other to grab it. It’s a form of heroin. I repeat: DO NOT TRUST MONEY. There are, in fact, other ways to live than under the heel of money. Do yourself a favor and learn about them. Be strong and don’t allow yourself to be distracted.


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