Portland, OR Rejects Measure to Add Fluoridation Chemicals to its Water

A win for clean water! 60.5% No; 39.4% Yes

From an election press release

Portland, Oregon, the largest U.S. city withoutfluoridation chemicals added  to its drinking water, rejected water fluoridation Tuesday in an election watched around the country.  Despite being outspent by more than a 3 to 1 margin, fluoridation opponents defeated the measure  with the current vote count at 60.5 to 39.4%.

The latest polling showed especially strong opposition  from Portland’s Latinos and African Americans. A majority of Democrats, Republicans and Independents  also opposed the measure. The diverse and bipartisan coalition opposing the fluoridation measure  ranged from the Sierra Club’s Columbia Group and the Portland NAACP to a group of over 200 Portland  medical professionals and the conservative Cascade Policy Institute. The vote came just weeks after data
from a state study showed Oregon’s child cavity rates had dropped over 19% in recent years without any increased fluoridation and that cavity rates in unfluoridated Portland were actually lower than rates in  Oregon’s fluoridated cities.

The loss for fluoridation promoters follows the November vote rejecting fluoridation in Wichita, Kansas, the second largest unfluoridated U.S. city. Both votes come after recent studies by the National Academy of Sciences(NAS), Harvard scientists and other top researchers linking even low levels of fluoride in drinking water with human health risks ranging from decreased thyroid function and depressed childhood IQ to elevated bone cancer risks in boys.Other recent studies have tied fluoridation chemicals to health risks related to arsenic, a common contaminant found in the fluoridation chemical fluorosilicic acid, and lead, which fluoridation chemicals have shown to leach from
plumbing. Read the rest>>

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UPDATE MAY 24: From the chair of Clean Water Portland

Despite the power of such a lopsided vote we are aware that fluoridation promoters have vowed to continue their efforts. We also know that a number of Portland state legislators, including the current house speaker Rep. Tina Kotek, have historically endorsed mandatory fluoridation bills at the state level that could overturn Portland’s vote and deprive other cities of the right to vote on fluoridation.

In the coming week we plan to ask state legislators if they will commit to respecting Portland’s democratic vote or whether we have reason to fear a repeat of the same backroom tactics we saw used to pass fluoridation at City Hall.

Media Summary of Fluoride Risks


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