The Weight of Truth: Dumping Toxic Industrial Waste Into Our Water Supply


I live in Portland, Oregon where those who are pushing the money behind dumping fluoride into one of the most pristine public water supplies in the nation. Those who are funding this rush-job are from out of state. Whenever the forces behind politics force a rush job, a red flag flagrantly waves. The citizens already voted this measure down in a previous election, and now we are faced with it again in a “special election” on May 21st. The arguments in favor are slanted in favor of money rather than scientific fact.

TRUTH: THERE IS NO DEFINITIVE PROOF THAT FLUORIDE TAKEN ORALLY OVER A PERIOD OF TIME EVEN IN VERY SMALL QUANTITIES IS SAFE; THERE IS NO DEFINITIVE PROOF THAT FLUORIDE TAKEN ORALLY OVER A PERIOD OF TIME WILL PREVENT TOOTH DECAY. Anyone who says there is is lying. It is toxic to humans, to the fish in our streams and lakes, and to all wildlife. Yes, it does occur naturally in soil, water, and food, but only at levels that are safe, as supplied by nature. Even enlightened dentists understand this.

There is a reason so many citizens across America are rising up against being forcefully medicated via a dangerous toxic industrial waste product in their water supply. People are waking up.

There is a reason that out of the 18 major Western European countries, only three have allowed fluoride into their public water supplies. The rest have banned it.

Dumping fluoride into our water supply will cost taxpayers $7 million to build the facility to forcefully medicate and poison ourselves. If citizens choose to medicate themselves, if parents want to supply fluoride to their children through special programs, dental visits, tablets, etc., then they have the right to do this. But to force it on the rest of us is a form of tyranny. This issue is so clearly being ramrodded through to serve small interest groups, a growing epidemic of swindlers who will pad their bank accounts by profiting from harming human, animal, and environmental health.


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