Money is a System of Debt and Tribute, NOT a Medium of Exchange

Give a listen to Unwelcome Guests program #649 (2 hour audio file or podcast by Robin Upton)

You will learn how money draws its power from a fraudulent story which naturalizes it and makes it seem like an ordinary part of everyday life. But ratherdebt_consolidation_fees than produce abundance, it produces misery and destruction.

As the scarcity rewarded by the money system begins to force humanity to face its disasterous flirtation with separation, the public story about the utility and desirability of money is increasingly being revealed to be a pack of lies, and a more ugly, formerly private, story of money is becoming common knowledge.

Why does everything we do and think revolve around money? Why does money produce so much stress and destruction? An increasingly dumbed down populace on an ever more depleted land base are ruled by in an increasingly autocratic fashion by an elite apparently uninterested in the survival of either the natural world or the rest of humanity. Is humanity really reaching the end of the road, as some doomsters are predicting? Or is a radical change possible? What would happen if we simply walked away from the tired myth called money? 


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