The Nonpocalypse

Twitter and other social media have been bristling with 2012 jokes and punch lines. There is still a great deal of sanity out there, thankfully. Three links that debunk pseudo science hoaxes about the December 12, 2012 “event.” None of the apocalyptic “visions” occurred. Now we can move into real change.

The following are ideas from an interview with Michael Mead on December 21, 2012:

Apocalypse comes from the dynamic Greek word “apocalypsis” which means both the uncovering and the discovering, the collapse and renewal. Scandals and mercenary workings are uncovered. We see the rough edges of culture. Old things are dying and new things are being born to take their place. We’re going through dark times, people are losing contact with humanity, but there are new things waiting to be revealed and discovered, just around the corner. We will gain alternate perceptions of reality.

Winter solstice

Apocalypse, on the other hand, is the first work in Biblical Revelations, with all the fire and brimstone prophecy end of the world christian prophecy. Its shadow still falls over us. But at the end of Revelations comes a new world, a renewal, even in the bible. People mistake a big metaphor and treating it as facts and religious beliefs, when they are actually psychological teaching myths. Archetypes are old formations of the psyche or soul and carry a tension of opposites. The end and the beginning are the premier opposites, which create polarities along a spectrum, which splits the archetype rather than holding the tension. From this can come a third energy, which can start things anew. The ends turn into the beginnings and continue on with something different. We will persist between destruction and renewal.

Winter Solstice is the darkest, longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere: from darkness comes light, the natural cycling in this cosmos. The lineup of tragedy and the re-imagining of culture. The earth and everything on it were made to renew.


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