Get Fluoride Out of Our Water!

I live in Portland where we just lost our only commercial progressive radio station to Clear Channel’s payback (Clear Channel is owned by Bain Capital). Here in Portland we are also pushing back against the city council’s backdoor plan to dump fluoride in our pristine water supply.

Nature made water with perfection. It meets our bodies’ needs. But there are greedy prevaricators and lobbyists who are only interested in profits. Fluoride is considered toxic waste by the EPA, yet those who would make profits by keeping the truth hidden are making sure it remains in water supplies and dental products. Every dentist is toeing the line.

Why should we drink it or bathe in a toxic waste product??? Americans are woefully ignorant about the dangers of being mass-medicated with fluoride in our water supplies. Fluoridation is a political brainwashing. There is big money behind the brainwash. If you want the science behind the scam, download

Fluoride in Drinking Water: A Scientific Review of EPA’s Standards (pdf)

and read it. Get informed.

If you live in or around Portland, Oregon, check out a November 20th Facebook event here.


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