Conservative War on Progressive Radio

Monsters are most dangerous and vicious before they die. They (Fox and Clear Channel) are busy taking out their frustrations by decimating progressive media.

Oregon now has no Progressive Talk save a couple geographically isolated low-power stations that can reach out to very few people. If KPTK goes too, then the entire Pacific Northwest will be effectively blacked-out from getting anything but Rightie propaganda on home, portable or car AM radios. source

KPOJ Portland flips, KPTK Seattle to flip post holidays? (Blatherwatch)

Is CBS Radio’s KPTK, Seattle the Next Progressive Talker to Flip?  Seattle-based blog Blatherwatch (cool name!) is reporting the WYD Media-produced Stephanie Miller talk show indicated on Monday’s broadcast that CBS Radio’s KPTK, Seattle would flip from progressive talk after the holidays.  No report on what the station may become and the report has not been confirmed by CBS Radio.  If this comes to pass, it would be the second West Coast progressive talk outlet to recently shuck the format as Clear Channel’s KPOJ, Portland did Monday (11/12).  It’d also be the second progressive talk station that’s been in the format for a relatively long period of time – eight years for each station – and located in “progressive” cities, to change formats. ~ a right wing website


2 thoughts on “Conservative War on Progressive Radio

  1. Big money has been buying up radio stations to silence progressive radio. Thankfully we can still be heard online. I am in New York and am one of the few Progressive Radio hosts that actually broadcast from a station. Either way I think our voices will grow out of necessity.

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