You Are What You Eat

Sadly our once vibrant vocabulary is now steeped in vacuous corporate-speak, the “language” businesspeople use to talk about  their “projects.” Conglomerates are moving ever-closer to one, unified, indivisible corporation under god. Corporations have made sure that the food we eat is no longer vital while their profits soar. The graphic below looks more like a list of pharmaceutical companies and their laboratory products (click on it to enlarge).

These products are producing a nation of unhealthy people with shortened lifespans because all of the goodness is processed out of the food. We are not meant to eat dead food. But people are taking it back DIY-style. Check out Chrisetta Mosley’s blog Farewell Fatso. She writes “to persuade more people to walk away from processed, unhealthy food that’s eaten on the fly – in favor of home-cooked meals enjoyed at the dinner table with family and friends.”


4 thoughts on “You Are What You Eat

  1. what an insightful and eye-opening graphical view of the corporate food production landscape. If you overlaid that with the no doubt very limited supermarket choices of where you can buy food, then no doubt it would complete the picture that choice is food is limited, and further limited by the limited choice of where to buy it. The corner grocer has gone, the market gardens are gone, small scale farming has gone and what is left is fast food and processed food sold by cartels of grocery chains. Overall this all leads to maximum corporate profit paid for using people’s post tax income and as you say the population not getting the goodness from food that they should.. That post-tax income from individuals goes to corporate who pay limited tax and who have the politicians in their back pockets. The current ecosystem we all live in is sick but individuals can define their own lives. The trouble is that quantum change is unlikely and the corporates know that.

  2. Yes, absolutely. As long as there is unlimited amounts of money in politics, as long as politicians retire with cushy jobs as lobbyists, and the divide between political parties is insurmountable, the most important issues of human survival will never be addressed: food, health, ecosystems, and climate.

  3. I’ve been reading Francis Fukuyama’s book ‘The end of History and the last man’. Have a read if you have not already. It is truly the most enlightening book I have read about why humanity is the way it is and why we knowingly accept how the world is and works.

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