Cult + Politics = Fascism

The seemingly religious flavor of Bain’s culture smacks of the generally cultish ethos on Wall Street, in which all sorts of ethically questionable behaviors are justified as being necessary in service of the church of making money. Romney belongs to a true-believer subset within that cult, with a revolutionary’s faith in the wisdom of the pure free market, in which destroying companies and sucking the value out of them for personal gain is part of the greater good, and governments should “stand aside and allow the creative destruction inherent in the free economy. from Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital

This marriage between cult-like fanaticism and politics is an eerie reminder of a similar trajectory: the Catholic Church and the Nazis.  You can see for yourself in Pictures of Nazi Catholic Vaticanities. Make no mistake. Authoritarianism and oppression are characteristics of both organized religion and fascism, and they are on steroids when huge sums of money are involved. The only difference is that Hitler never deviated from his statements and mission. Romney is actually more dangerous because of his shape-shifting.


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