What Democracy?

To get an idea of where I’m coming from, please first read the “What It’s About” page.

My launch post  includes four powerful .pdf files that address a few of the issues we face with clarity and truth. Here they are

  1. On Labor
  2. Days of Destruction
  3. Growth is the Problem
  4. Hipsters on Foodstamps

Along with the files, I have to speak to the corruption endemic to the city council elites who dictate policy where I live, which proves that politicians can be bought no matter what side of the “right-left” polemic they say they are. I live in Portland, Oregon, the biggest city in America that has not fluoridated its water. It’s one thing to add an industrial toxin in the name of “public health” to a pristine body of water that is arguably the best in the nation. It’s another to do it behind closed doors without public hearing. This morning the council voted unanimously to fluoridate our water supply. Even if you support the force medication of everyone who drinks the water, do you also support the totalitarian rule that enforced it?

This is the issue.

Here is the EPA’s 2006 review of fluoride in drinking water (the EPA, remember, is part of the establishment)

Front matter i-xxii
Summary 1-12
1 Introduction 13-22
2 Measures of Exposure to Fluoride in the United States 23-88
3 Pharmacokinetics of Fluoride 89-102
4 Effects of Fluoride on Teeth 103-130
5 Musculoskeletal Effects 131-180
6 Reproductive and Developmental Effects of Fluoride 181-204
7 Neurotoxicity and Neurobehavioral Effects 205-223
8 Effects on the Endocrine System 224-267
9 Effects on the Gastrointestinal, Renal, Hepatic, and Immune Systems 268-303
10 Genotoxicity and Carcinogenicity 304-339
11 Drinking Water Standards for Fluoride

But we won’t go back to sleep. There will be a referendum in May, 2014, and I intend to involve myself to make certain the public is educated so everyone can make an informed choice as well as to help to gather signatures. Portland has tried twice before to fluoridate our water supply and twice it has failed. Their arrogance insists that this time they will prevail. Really?


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